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Our Consultants provide state of the art Creative Technology Solutions. Our primary focuses are Performance and Efficiency.

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You are guaranteed peace of mind and dedicated Technology support with our assigned dedicated team to your IT needs.

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With over 2 decades of experience and knowledge in Information Technology, we look forward to serving your Technology needs.

Few Client Testimonials

  • Trailblaze Solutions started with us over a decade ago. They have since then successfully cut all of our Technology costs and have created for us a efficient work environment. Due to their efforts and consistent education on new available Technology, we are now completely mobile and can work / be productive from anywhere in the World. We highly recommend Trailblaze Solutions for any Information Technology related work.

    Pastor Patricia Venegas & Rev. Benjamin Venegas
    Pastor Patricia Venegas & Rev. Benjamin VenegasWithout Spot or Wrinkle Ministries
  • Trailblaze Solutions has been a blessing to our organization. Over the last 8 years Sunny and his team have successfully helped me and my non-profit organization. Trailblaze Solutions has successfully saved us a lot of money in Hardware and Software. They have also made us efficient in our daily work flow. I highly recommend Trailblaze Solutions.

    Pastor Dave Collins
    Pastor Dave CollinsClaremont Healing Rooms
  • We love the service that our dedicated Technology Solutions Consultant has provided for us. He has successfully audited and saved us a ton of money in Technology expenses. We now have a centralized Mac File Server and have PCs and Macs working together without issues. Trailblaze Solutions has successfully saved us money by refurbishing and upgrading our current computers as well.

    Joe Metz
    Joe MetzOwner

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